Before beginning any project, we meet in person or by video conference to discuss your vision, objectives and most importantly, completion timeline. If the scope of work falls outside of package design pricing, you will receive a custom quote and production timeline before moving forward. Once a contract is agreed upon, we get started!


Our job as a designers is to help deliver your message in the cleanest, most effective manner AND to accurately represent your business/brand identity. In this stage, we dedicate time to developing the best possible look and strategy to accomplish your goals and attract your desired audience. This is also a time for you to provide feedback on the initial look and feel of the project to ensure we are capturing your vision.


In this stage, we get to work creating your materials. You will receive two to three options in the initial proof to review (depending on the project). Your feedback is very important at this stage since the next round of proofs will include further development of one of the initial options. A second (or third) round of proofing will occur to achieve the best possible design.


After the final design is selected, your files are formatted for the appropriate output. This timeline depends on coordination with production vendors (if necessary).


Your satisfaction is of upmost importance; we will check in with you to ensure the visuals are serving their purpose well.